Shadowing Opportunity: Eric MacLennan

As part of our Quality and Innovation Programme, Transported is giving local people residing in Boston Borough and South Holland the opportunity to ‘shadow’ some artists and companies during projects that are taking place in 2014, for the purpose of ongoing learning, development and experience, on a voluntary basis. These opportunities may be of particular interest to anyone wishing to develop their arts experience, students and practitioners.

We are currently in the process of finalising all the opportunities that will be available and putting them into one downloadable document, but in the meantime, here’s a fantastic shadowing opportunity for a performer and technician to work with Eric MacLennan – who has recently worked with the new Birmingham Library – during his project for Open Book.

Have a look at this YouTube link to see an example of Eric’s work.

He is doing a site visit soon, so if you would like to register your interest, please contact Rosie Lesurf-Olner by either calling 07747 271821 or emailing

Strand: Open Book

Artist/Company: Eric MacLennan

Description of Activity/Performance: In A Journey to the Centre of Your Heart, Eric MacLennan will encourage audiences to discover the wonder in their own world. You’ll learn that the norm can become surprising and new. You will be invited to take an extraordinary journey around the library with the performer, and his suitcase. A suitcase and a sense of adventure go hand in hand so there is a reason that the suitcase features so prominently in film and fiction. Whether it is a box of memories, exploits, danger or just the everyday, it has the potential to be filled with a sense of wonder. The aim is for the viewer to experience the excitement felt when watching a performance, but in the style of a special encounter. MacLennan’s set up allows the spectator to instantly become involved in the story, and to become a character in their own personal adventure. Eric will spend one week exploring the libraries of Boston Borough and South Holland and a further two weeks performing the pieces in Spalding, Pinchbeck, Boston, Sutton Bridge and Holbeach libraries.

Dates Required: Pre-production – Tuesday 6 May (if possible) for an initial site visit.

Performance days – Monday 9 June to Friday 13 June inclusive, Tuesday 17 to Saturday 21 June, Tuesday 24 to Saturday 28 June

Details of Shadowing Opportunity:

There are potentially two roles available for shadowing during this project – Performance Assistant and Technical/Stage Management Assistant.

The Performance Assistant will be given a performance role as the Invigilator, a low key character who is a guide assisting with the practicalities of the performance. This role – though small – will add texture to the overall piece. The person taking up this opportunity needs to be at ease with the prospect of having one-to-one conversation with members of the public in character. Some performance experience is desirable.

The Technician will perform simple stage management duties and assist with the documenting of the performance. They also need to be comfortable operating sound equipment and able to film short sequences. (Help will be given).

Applicants should have an interest in site-specific and immersive performance, film and comedy, and be excited by the challenges of working subtly with style and intelligence. Applicants need to be comfortable and confident interacting with the public.

This shadowing opportunity offers hands-on experience and an opportunity to observe the creative process of experimental performance production, whilst making a contribution to an innovative theatre piece.