Shadowing Opportunity: Hannah Gardiner

A shadowing opportunity has just come up to work with artist Hannah Gardiner on her newly commissioned Transported pop up project, Food From the Farm.

Themes:  Food, Stories, Community Engagement, Book Making, Street Intervention
Strand: Pop Up

Artist/Company: Hannah Gardiner
Description of Activity/Performance: I am arranging for 8 visits to different farms, with 5 members of the public attending each visit. During the visit we will share food with the farmers and collect at least 1 recipe and 1 story from each farm. This information will later be disseminated along with food samples to the general public from a specially designed bike trailer. It will also be made into a book to be launched in November.

Dates Required: Flexible until September 10th. (Initial visits are planned; 6th & 8th, 15th & 16th, street interventions will be various dates from August 18th). The book will be made between September 10th & November 11th

Details of Shadowing Opportunity: The shadow artist will have the opportunity to; assist me in the co-ordination of the visits and interventions, learn about editing photographs and maintaining an online presence, contacting local media, cooking food and giving out samples, directly engaging with the public through street interventions with the bike trailer & be part of the process of creating the final book. (I suggest we discuss which of these are most interesting to your personal development and plan accordingly)

To apply, contact Kate Thomas by emailing or calling  07436 162004