Sign up to Transported’s Loyalty Card Now!

Win prizes worth up to £50 by signing up to Transported’s free new loyalty card!

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Transported are introducing a brand new loyalty card, for use by anyone at one of our classes or events.

Transported participants will earn points whenever they attend a Transported event, which they can trade in for a £10 voucher when they reach fifty points. Each time a person attends an event, they will also be entered into a draw to win a prize worth £50.

The loyalty card system will bring Transported’s regular evaluation system of paper questionnaires up to date- a relief to many of our participants who expect to fill in paper evaluations every time they attend a Transported event!

Anybody can sign up to one of the free cards through our  website by filling in the quick online form. Once completed, your card will be sent through the post,  ready to use at to events to collect points! Don’t worry if you forget your card- just tell us your name and we will add the points onto your card.

The national implications of the card are significant, as a loyalty card evaluation system has not been used within the arts sector before.

Transported are busy planning the second year of T2, and expect to deliver a range of exciting events across Boston Borough and South Holland in 2017, from festivals and outdoor performances to workshops and ongoing classes. Keep up to date with Transported’s activities at

Anna Kingman, Projects Manager for Transported said: “Transported are excited to introduce our new loyalty card. Not only is the card a great way to show our appreciation to everybody who attends Transported events, it is a quicker, more efficient way to evaluate the work we are doing in the area. We hope lots of people feel inspired to sign up and attend more events as a result of the card!”