Spot the Deckchair!

Final Deckchair Designs from David Mackie Workshops

Alongside the Frampton Marsh commission, Transported will be exhibiting artworks created during our Phase I Consultation period by artist David Mackie. In July 2013, David worked with the community to produce 90 individually designed deckchairs inspired by Lincolnshire themes of heritage, agriculture, horticulture and food processing. These will travel to venues and spaces in South Holland and Boston Borough staying for a period of 3 weeks at each destination.

Have you seen a deckchair in your local community?

How many can you find?

We’ll give you a hint… the first ones will be exhibited as part of the Past Inspired Launch on Friday 28 February and Saturday 1 March!

Send your pictures of you sitting on a Transported deckchair to us by emailing Natalie at, or upload them to social media and hashtag them #transported to add them to our buzz website (!