Submission from Carol Parker, freelance artist and yarnbomber extraordinaire

Why do you think people in the South Holland and Boston areas don’t get more involved in the arts?

  • Some don’t see the arts as important
  • Bad experience at school when told they were rubbish
  • Learned behaviour from parents who don’t often participate
  • Lack of information and lack of somewhere to find that information
  • Many still not online

What do you think should happen to encourage people to get more involved in the arts locally?

  • Deliver projects that don’t have ‘art’ in the title
  • Take to the streets….surprise and startle!
  • Get people’s attention by pasting signs on unused or derelict buildings (is that legal?!)
  • Knit in pubs, knit on trains, knit in the market place
  • Singing at work
  • Encourage businesses to get on board and invite artists in to deliver short lunchtime projects
  • Talk to people, they know what they want and they are fed up with not being listened to!

What ideas do you have for exciting, innovative ways to get more people involved in the arts in the area? Please also estimate how much it might cost.

Festivals are great for all the family, they’re not intimidating and they’re fun. Art needs to entertain and give value for money. Let’s make use of the waterways and the areas alongside; floating sculptures; art as part of the landscape – growing out of hedges, part of the bark of trees, or our own ‘white horse’. And use every single piece of digital equipment we have to extend and sustain.

Yarnbomb Boston and Spalding!