Submission from Nick Jones, artsNK

Why do you think people in the South Holland and Boston areas don’t get more involved in the arts?

Lots of reasons:

  1. They are busy doing other things.
  2. The right opportunity hasn’t opened to them at the right time.
  3. It is a rural area and art needs to go into the villages to start the whole thing off.

What do you think should happen to encourage people to get more involved in the arts locally?

Make it easy for them to take part. Make it fun and exciting, and then ask “what do you want to do next” – and do it – dont disapoint.

Think of everything within a long term relationships – building skills and experience and  raising expectaions and ambition.

What ideas do you have for exciting, innovative ways to get more people involved in the arts in the area? Please also estimate how much it might cost.

A converted ice cream van (and/ or Chip van) taking arts experiences into villages, to market squares, school gates and fetes – everything from Knitting, mosaic, music, perfomance, landscape painting and portraiture. People can have a go, learn, achieve and then say what else could happen.

How much ?

A second hand van would by £10k, but we might do better to build one locally – pimp my van sort of thing.

For longer term – think thunderbirds  go arty – different pods for a whole range of activities. I want to be Scott (not Parker).