Submission from Nicola Radford, Lincolnshire County Council

Why do you think people in the South Holland and Boston areas don’t get more involved in the arts?

The coastal cultural strategy identified that there are numerous artists and creative businesses/ groups in the South Holland/ Boston/ EL Coastal area = a lot of the issues could be around linking these groups/ businesses together either virtually or physically

What do you think should happen to encourage people to get more involved in the arts locally?

More active community engagement in the form of workshops/ events and community events – links into the Spalding Flower parade by organsing group, community, local organisation art workshops and float building – to showcase at the parade.

What ideas do you have for exciting, innovative ways to get more people involved in the arts in the area? Please also estimate how much it might cost.

Community/local organisations/ local groups to have artists workshops and support to design and build community floats – for either a parade or static display in the centre of Spalding – prior to the parade the communities can have local celebration events involving performances/ creative activities.
Links into the food sector / and or pumpkins to expand the flower element of the theme

Potentially additional funding of £270k over a 3 year period to be be matched

Links into digital technology and the benefits that technology can have within the creative/arts sector