Transported Deckchairs On The Move

Our lovely Transported deckchairs are currently on a Spalding stop of their tour, some at Boston College in the Red Lion Quarter, and some at Ayscoughfee Hall.  Liz Dunkley sent in this great picture of Charley Dunkley in one of our deckchairs:

Charley Dunkley

If you want to see them in their current locations, you’d better hurry as they’re moving on again soon!  Keep an eye out for them on the next stop of their tour.

We are also delighted to announce that all ninety deckchairs will be reunited in a public exhibition at Springfields between Saturday 26 and Monday 28 July.  Make sure you put a note in your diary to see these gorgeous mobile artworks all together for the first time, and if you designed one, we’d love it if you came along so you can find your deckchair.

Final Designs

If you see a Transported deckchair, please do send your pictures to us or share it on social media sites with the hashtag #transported.  This then automatically updates to our buzz website so we can collect them all together, and see the overall story.