Transported’s associated artists’ work spotted at Jubilee Pageant

We’re looking back at the Pageant and feeling thrilled at spotting not just one but the work of three artists that Transported have worked with.

Transported has established a reputation for creating high quality art experiences, which has been reflected in three of our associate artists being selected to gesture in the Queens Jubilee celebrations in London.

It’s wonderful to see the calibre of artist that we work with here in Boston and South Holland be recognized in these national celebrations.

Hurrying along on a walk with a difference down the mall were 20 corgi puppets created by Lumo Workshop, a Lincolnshire-based artist let company. The homage to the Queen’s favourite pet appeared during a menagerie of regal animals commissioned and brought to life by outdoor arts organisation Imagineer Productions from Coventry. Lumo Workshop artists Louise Jones and Nadya Monfrinoli created the corgis and have also worked with Transported in the past to create lanterns and puppets for Transported’s spectacular annual Illuminate parade in Boston.

A beautiful float featured at the Pageant also, a bespoke floral sculpture made of aluminium and steel. Jeni Cairns created the sculpture which featured over 200 flowers, chosen for their symbolic meanings, butterflies and birds that had input from local school children.

The metal was then painted to create a colourful moving metal garden.

Jeni has transformed multiple spaces in Boston, including sculptures at the train station, Willoughby Road Allotments and Central Park where Jeni also designed the garden surrounding one of the Boston Buoys sculptures.

Waving colourfully in the procession were wonderful silk screen printed flags created by school children across the country, including those in Boston and Sleaford.

In our Rivers of the World project, we worked with Thames Festival Trust, securing funding from Arts Council and British Council for eight High Schools to take part in the Rivers of the World cultural and school exchange.

Emily Cartwright, The Art of Emily, was selected to work with the pupils; first to design a series of banners that were exhibited at the Tate Gallery in London, and then recently to create a series of paper cut and sculpted artwork.

130 pupils took part from 6 secondary schools (Boston High School, Boston Grammar School, Haven High, Thomas Cowley, William Lovell, and the Giles).

In the second step of the project, pupils have created original artworks that were digitalized and made into square flags. The ‘River of Hope’ flags were in the Jubilee Pageant procession and the digital artworks are also being displayed on the large public screens on Oxford Street on the week of the celebrations, putting Boston youngsters and their artworks at the centre of the nation’s celebration of the Queens Jubilee!

Emily Cartwright commented ‘The focus on this year’s art workshops was for students to learn about the river of their partner city, the Bagmati River in Kathmandu, Nepal. We looked through an environmental lens at the issues that affect the Bagmati River and the similarities there might be with the issues we face here in Boston.

We were also influenced by the iconic culture of Nepal, with each school focusing on a specific aspect that paired with the environmental theme.

The students involved in the project worked hard to create their artwork and it was such a buzz to see the flags coming down The Mall during the pageant, surrounded by fantastic artwork from other schools! The digital display on Oxford Street also gave people to chance to see all the intricate detail that had gone into each piece. I’m so proud of all the students involved and that we all got to be part of this prestigious event.’

Don’t worry if you missed them, you don’t have to go all the way to London! Jeni’s work can be seen in Boston’s Central Park, and Emily Cartwright’s work will be exhibited in Fydell House in October 2022. Transported are currently in the process of coordinating the next edition of the spectacular Illuminate Festival coming to the streets of Boston on the 24th November 2022.