Voluntary Arts Week

From Friday 6 May, Voluntary Arts Week is happening! During this special week, creative groups of all kinds are encouraged to showcase what they do and invite newcomers to join them. For those running events, there are tons of helpful resources and advice in the form of tool kits and publicity materials available from Voluntary Arts.

Events across the UK and Republic of Ireland are listed on the Voluntary Arts Week website, so people can search for something happening near them. Voluntary Arts also works with a range of partners and media to help spread the word about Voluntary Arts Week and groups taking part in it. See the Voluntary Arts Week website for information, listings and resources:

Transported offered support to any groups in Boston Borough and South Holland for Voluntary Arts Week this year by match funding Voluntary Arts’ micro fund. To see the events happening in our area, visit this link.

For more information on Voluntary Arts, visit this page.