We need your ideas!

Since our open space event last week, a consortium of interested organisations has been drawn together to make a bid based on the ideas and discussions.

The timescale to get the application together is very tight, and we need to put together ideas for the first six months consultation programme and to outline the 3 to 10 year arts development program that follows (fingers crossed).

There is a fuller explanation of the open space session and the Arts Council England Creative people and places scheme here on the web site.

The scheme is about increasing the number of people that take part and experience high quality arts.

We would like to invite you to tell us why you think people in the area don’t get involved, what you or your organisation think should happen to let more people have a say, and if there were some investment, any ideas you might have for a high profile event or activity, and if you know, how much this might cost. Use the form below to send us your ideas.

See what others have submitted here!

Finally, please feel free to pass this message on, to keep an eye on the website for updates and to make sure you put up any thoughts and comments on the People and Places scheme for South Holland and Boston.

Many thanks for taking part.