What is Public Art?

The Transported team is pleased and excited to be launching the Public Art stand of our Creative People and Places programme,  and with it the opportunity for people to go on a journey of discovery and inspiration before helping us decide what projects we should take on over the coming year.

“The problem with art, and particularly art in public spaces, is that everybody has a different idea of what it should be”.

So we are going to put a real life project, a commission at RSPB Frampton Marsh, under the spotlight, and invite everybody to examine it. We are going to invite artists to the area to talk about the projects they have done, and we will take people to see some inspirational projects around the country.  And then we have a conversation about what Public Art is, what it can contribute to the area, how it can help build local identity and even attract more visitors.

The programme will kick off this spring with the launch of an ambitious commission to create a new “structure” or sculpture for RSPB owned Frampton Marsh, a project that picks up on the successful Structures on the Edge programme that has seen spectacular artworks created along the east coast.  For more information, visit

Some people and groups have already told us about the ideas they have for projects in Boston Borough and across South Holland. We would like to invite anybody that is interested in public art, in specific projects, or have themes that could be represented or celebrated through new commissions, to let us know and contact to get involved.